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Hello and welcome to Eastwell Rabbits, quality breeders of cute Mini Lop rabbits, based in Kent.

Our Mini Lops are impeccably beautiful, loving animals that make the perfect pet for any small child - they can be a friend for life!

We raise gorgeous, friendly bunnies that just love people!


Why would you go anywhere else to get your pet rabbit? Hannah makes sure any questions you have are fully answered. Their rabbits are all regularly handled and therefore are used to human interaction unlike pet shop's. You also feel comfort from being able to see the parents in their home environment. Buying any pet is a big move - it's good to know that at any point if I have concerns I can speak with the breeder. We have two rabbits (Luca and Flopsy) who were bought together and are best friends. They are both very relaxed and easy-going. I would definitely reccomend Eastwell Rabbits to anyone serious about getting the best rabbits for your family.

Paul, Bromley