Cute Mini Lops

Caring for your rabbit

We believe that every rabbit deserves a healthy, happy life.
Mini Lops possess a very easy-going nature, which is why they make brilliant pets for young children, but they - like any other pet - need to be correctly looked after. Below are a few simple suggestions on how to care for your pet. If you want any more details, please feel free to contact us.

Rabbit Care - Some tips


The Rabbit Lopaedia is a very in-detail and helpful book if you are considering having a rabbit for a pet. Click below to see the book on

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We suggest that you feed your rabbit with Science Selective pellets, and ensure they have a large supply of Timothy Hay. Give them the odd treat, too!

Feed      Hay      Treats


Rabbits need a safe environment for sleep and exercise - our rabbits can be kept in indoor or outdoor hutches, but ensure you have these essentials:

Toilet  Bottle  Bowl


Rabbits are very social animals that enjoy that company of other rabbits. Companionship is key to the welfare of your rabbit - so maybe consider...

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